Insomnia: reasons and treatment to sleep


Did you go to sleep at 9pm last night but it feels like you haven’t slept at all? Did you keep waving up at 4 , 5, 6…Have you had problems with insomnia for years but every time you have more difficulties to fall asleep easily and fulfil with the OMS recommendation of sleeping 6 hours daily.

This is the situation that many people experience across the world. The insomnia is one of the most common ailments between people, this is why today we want to talk about its reasons and possible treatments.

What is insomnia?

Insomnia is one of the kinds of sleep disorder that exist. People who suffer from insomnia, do not get a restful or a good quality sleep.

There are different kinds of insomnia. It depends on whether the person has difficulties to start sleeping or keep the sleep. Or, if they wake very often during the night or very early the next morning.

The reasons of Insomnia

Even though, illnesses tend to be related to a specific symptomatology and concrete reasons. The intensity and frequency of these ones can vary from person to person, based on their own corporeal differences and life habits.

Let’s display an example. We have two people with problems to sleep. One of them lives in the city, and it experiences very often stress, noise and the burden of the city. The other one lives in the countryside, where the breeze of the wind or  the birds can be hard during the sunrise. Both of them have problems to sleep. But, for the patient who lives in the city, it’s very probable that the insomnia is more intense due to the external factors previously commented. These external factors are not beneficial for its insomnia.

The causes of insomnia can be diverse but, in general, some of the most common origins are:

  • Live under stressful situations due to work, family money…
  • Bad sleep habits or frequent changes during the sleep hours, or when waking up and bad eating habits.
  • An inadequate space to sleep.
  • Use of substances that disturb and arouse  our nervous system like coffee, smoking cigarettes…
  • Side effects of a medicine. Or the consequence of another pathology like depression, PTSD, anxiety, and others.

Tips to fight against insomnia

Besides of receiving a controlled treatment by a specialist, in order to fight against insomnia, it is also recommended to acquire habits that help falling asleep. Find below, some advices in order to sleep better:

  • Establish a regular timetable of sleeping and waking up.
  • Prevent the use of substances like alcohol, tea, tobacco, chocolate or coffee, during the evenings or four hours before going to sleep. Do not eat big quantities of food for dinner, it is better to eat light products before going to sleep.
  • Regular physical activity is beneficial but never before going to sleep.
  • Falling asleep in a comfortable space, with a good bed that it gets adapted to the body.
  • Remove any noise and light from the room. Especially, disconnect the phone.

If you have tried all of these but you still experience insomnia and you would like to begin a treatment with cannabinoids, get in touch with Kalapa Clinic. Our specialists will study and revise your case in order to help solve your problems of insomnia.


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