Ailments that may find solution in medical cannabis

using cannabis for aleviate stress | estres cannabis medicinal

Stress and Medical Cannabis

It has also been proven that the medical properties of cannabinoids reduce stress, improve sleep disturbances and help to combat problems of perception or memory following a stressful event, among other symptoms that may be present. […]

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endometriosis y cannabis medicinal | medical cannabis endometriosis

Endometriosis and Medicinal Cannabis

Although medical cannabis cannot cure endometriosis, it can reduce the pain thanks to the soothing properties of CBD. In a study done by the University of California in San Francisco, it was shown that with a low dose of pain killers, cannabinoids can reduce pain. […]

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Menstrual Pain and Medicinal Cannabis

The results of the studies carried out suggest that cannabinoids could offer some benefit as a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment, allowing a reduction in discomfort during menstruation. […]

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espasticidad y cannabis medicinal | Kalapa Clinic

Spasticity and Medicinal Cannabis

Among the most prominent trials, the Spanish Society of Neurology conducted an observational study of 50 patients treated with inhaled THC/CBD, where it was observed that this treatment was effective for 80% of the patients. […]

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Anorexia, Cachexia and Medical Cannabis

What is Anorexia? Anorexia is defined as a person’s loss of appetite and weight; while Cachexia refers to a state of extreme malnutrition and loss of muscle mass that is accompanied by fatigue and weakness. These symptoms often appear in autoimmune diseases, infections and especially in people who have cancer because weight loss can occur as a symptom in more advanced […]

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Cannabinoide und chronisch-entzündliche Darmerkrankungen (CED) | Kalapa Clinic

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Medicinal Cannabis

El efecto analgésico y antiinflamatorio de los cannabinoides mejoran los síntomas de pacientes que con enfermedades intestinales inflamatorias. Varios estudios sugieren que los cannabinoides podrían ofrecer mejoras en cuanto a la progresión y la sintomatología de estos padecimientos. […]

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Abstinence Syndrome and Medicinal Cannabis | Kalapa Clinic

Abstinence Syndrome and Medicinal Cannabis

For people who are in withdrawal, cannabinoids help to reduce the anxiety and stress generated by a lack of intake of the addictive product. It can help in cases of addiction to benzodiazepines, opiates and alcohol. […]

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Psoriasis and Medicinal Cannabis | Kalapa Clinic

Psoriasis and Medicinal Cannabis

The analgesic effect of cannabinoids is one of the best characterised effects for people with psoriasis. Scaling and itching are reduced and the affected area is hydrated. […]

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Parkinson’s Disease and Medicinal Cannabis

The reduction in dyskinesia is one of the effects most valued by Parkinson’s disease patients. The results of the studies carried out suggest that cannabinoids may offer some benefit through their improvement in motor function as well as a neuroprotective effect. […]

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Depression and Medicinal Cannabis

The anti-depressive effect offered by cannabinoids and its support in the cannabinoid system are key elements to have results on people that display depressive symptoms like stress, anxiety and insomnia. […]

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Fibromyalgia and Medicinal Cannabis

The analgesic effect of cannabinoids is one of the best characterised effects. Results from studies suggest that cannabinoids may offer some benefit as a treatment for the pain suffered by people with fibromyalgia. […]

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Cancer and Medical Cannabis

The effect of cannabinoids on cancer has a wide spectrum of research. The results of these studies suggest that cannabinoids could be beneficial as an adjuvant treatment for the pain of cancer and neuropathic pain as well as helping to facilitate the death of cancer cells, thus preventing their proliferation. […]

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Headache and Medicinal Cannabis

The results of the studies suggest that cannabinoids may offer some benefits as a natural treatment that does not affect the cognitive status of the patient, unlike other treatments. […]

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Insomnia and Medicinal Cannabis

Los cannabinoides como el CBD pueden ser una alternativa más natural y efectiva para tratar el insomnio, sin correr el riesgo como con otros medicamentos que generan adicción. […]

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Chronic Pain and Medicinal Cannabis

Due to the high prevalence of pain and the difficult analgesic control of certain types of pain (e.g. chronic and neuropathic pain), one of the fundamental objectives of pharmacological research is the search for new analgesic drugs that present advantages over the existing ones. […]

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Multiple Sclerosis and Medical Cannabis

The role played by CBD (cannabidiol) as a coadjuvant treatment is essential to reduce the muscle spasms that develop in patients suffering from this disease. The medicinal properties of cannabinoids have also been shown to reduce pain […]

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Conditions awaiting further study to determine the usefulness of cannabinoids

Schizophrenia and Medicinal Cannabis

Pure Cannabidiol, with no traces of THC, has been shown to have pharmacotherapeutic efficacy in the treatment of schizophrenia. CBD is a mesolimbic dopamine attenuator, which is having good results, but is still at the research stage. […]

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Trattamento per glaucoma-tratamiento para el glaucoma

Glaucoma and Medical Cannabis

Current studies suggest that cannabinoids can reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) and could be used effectively in topical therapies for neurodegenerative diseases of the retina, either alone or as a combined treatment with other drugs. […]

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