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We are part of a large international group of professionals linked to medical research based on Cannabis.

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We try to improve your quality of life

Providing access to information on alternative treatment options based on the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids and their controlled use





Our Story

Where cultivation and medicine meet.

The project arises from the concern of a small group of people linked to the cultivation and medical sector, who visualised the possibility of placing cannabis in the world of natural therapies.

Kalapa Clinic was founded in 2014 as the first consultation for cannabinoid-based co-treatment. The medical director of Kalapa Clinic, Dr. Mariano Garcia de Palau, has been involved in the research of the therapeutic effects of cannabis for more than 15 years, since he advised numerous patients.

Kalapa Clinic Multidisciplinary Team

Our expertise is reflected in our entire team of doctors and multidisciplinary experts, with years of experience in medical cannabis treatment and research.

The medical director, Dr. Mariano García de Palau explains why we created Kalapa Clinic

The information service we provided needed more dedication from the team and finally in 2014 it was decided to create the Kalapa Clinic project, offering advice on medical cannabis with a focus on its controlled use.

We are currently advising people from all over the world, maintaining the initial philosophy of helping the patient to feel safe, informed and accompanied.

Dedicate to medical cannabis research and education

Kalapa Clinic addresses the public and patients as well as health professionals who are interested in medical cannabis.

  • Studies and Research

    Are up-to-date in terms of scientific research based the effects of Cannabinoids. We are part of an extensive group of professionals vinculated in Cannabis medical investigations

  • Educating Patients

    We offer the best comprehensive medical cannabis plan for patients so they they are informed and feel comfortable.

  • Educating Professionals

    Setting up a network of doctor for training and continous exchange of research and findings. We produce educational platform of knowledge and education.


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