Meet the professionals behind each treatment in the Kalapa Clinic.

Kalapa Clinic – The first clinic that specializes in the therapeutic use of cannabinoids.

Our medical team has extensive experience in using cannabinoids for alternative treatments, such as: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The team offers its expertise to all those who have decided to start an alternative therapy and have a susceptible pathology to be treated, according to the list of the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM).

Our physicians perform consultation meetings or video conference calls to all those who are interested in these types of alternative therapies. Call for an appointment at Kalapa Clinic and learn about potential therapies involving cannabinoids.

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“Kalapa, according to Buddhist legend, is the capital city of wisdom of the Kingdom of Shambhala”


We know how important it is to have the support and comfort of medical staff when starting a new therapy, so our medical specialists will provide you with therapeutic support throughout your treatment.

Therapeutic Support


Cannabinoids have shown positive results in the treatments for illnesses and neurodegenerative diseases that are associated with chronic pain, it has been the only treatment in which the patient’s overall quality of life has been improved. At Kalapa Clinic, we offer our clients the option to start a cannabinoid treatment based their specific personal requirements.

Treatments using cannabinoids

Our History

“The project stems from the concern of a small group of people linked to the cultivation and medicine sector, who visualized the possibility of placing cannabis in the world of natural therapies.

At first this was a web site that offered advice focused on the use of medicinal cannabis, created in 2008, and eventually an online care service was launched to patients.

The service needed more dedication by the team and finally in the 2014 it was decided to create the project of Kalapa Clinic, offering therapeutic counseling focused on its use in a controlled way.

They are currently advising people around the world, while maintaining the initial philosophy of helping the patient, to feel safe and accompanied during the duration of their treatment.”

We are part of a international network of doctors and scientists working on a constant exchange of information about the therapeutic use of cannabinoids


Medico Especialista en Marihuana medicinal

Dr. Mariano García de Palau


One of the most recognised and specialised doctors in cannabinoid therapy for having focused on presenting a new vision for the use of cannabinoids as a palliative and supplementary treatment as a therapeutic option for illnesses with insufficient treatment. He graduated from the University of Barcelona in 1979 as a surgeon and is now a professional member of the college of physicians of Barcelona.

He is a regular member of the I.A.C.M. and also of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis, clinically advising on cannabinoid treatments.

Medical Cannabis Doctor | Kalapa Clinic

Janosch Willem Kratz


Dr. Kratz, a member of the Kalapa team, graduated in medicine and surgery at Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona. With a good international trajectory, his career is complemented by the professional experience acquired in different hospitals in Germany, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

Today, Dr. Kratz offers advice on cannabinoid therapies and is responsible for the development of the Kalapa-Clinic project. In addition, he coordinates the training, research and the creation and dissemination of content in the field of therapeutic cannabis.

Medico cannabis medicinal | Kalapa Clinic

Dra. Mery Peña Guzmán


Part of the medical team at Kalapa Clinic, she graduated in General Medicine from the National University of Colombia, and is also a professional member of the College of physicians of Barcelona. Additionally, she possesses several postgraduate degrees specialising in traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr Peña has worked as a doctor in Barcelona at a clinical level at the Centre Integral de Serveis in Salut Mental (CIS) and also in geriatric care.
Today, Dr Peña offers consultancies about the use of cannabinoids and is a part of Kalapa Clinic’s international care team.

Medico Cannabis | Kalapa Clinic | Medical Marihuana Doctor

Dr. Robert Uhlenbrock


Kalapa team member. Robert Uhlenbrock graduated in Medicine from the University of La Laguna. He gained experience at the Red Cross in private practice. He then worked as a resident doctor in the psychiatry and emergency services in Sana Klinikum Offenbach (Germany).

Today, Mr. Uhlenbrock offers consultancies about cannabinoid therapies and is a founding member of the Spanish Society of Endocannabinoids. He is part of the international care team.


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