Patient Journey

We have the support of licensed physicians who understand the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. Our specialists guide people about the use of cannabinoids for the different ailments that can be treated with medical cannabis. Discover our process in 3 steps:

  • 01


    Contact us so that we can tell you what references and documentation are required for a consultation

  • 02

    Case study

    We study the case that is indicated to us and we schedule an assessment by video call.

  • 03


    During the consultancy we will talk about your conditions and the medical cannabis options that you have. Discuss dosing and titration and answer any question you might have

Who is Kalapa Clinic?

Medical Cannabis experts

We re the first medical consultancy in Spain and across Europe, that specializes in hemp oil and cannabinoid treatments. Our clinic is supported by licensed physicians that are trained in cannabinoid therapies for all of those who have a chronic condition.

New to medical cannabis?

Get an overview of medical cannabis and how it could possiby help you

Why choose Kalapa?
Team of specialist

  • Medical Expertise

    Kalapa clinical team is comprised of physicians, healthcare practitioners and support staff who share the goal of spreading the last information about medical cannabis use

  • Research

    Continous research on scientific evidence on therapeutic effects of cannabinoids

  • International Colaborations

    We are part of an international network of experts where doctors, scientists and institutions exchange knowledge about medical cannabis


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