For Healthcare Professionals

Nuestro objetivo es que los profesionales de la salud confíen en nosotros, estableciendo una plataforma de conocimiento y educación que permita apoyar a los pacientes de forma segura, sensible, fiable y eficaz.

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Why choose Kalapa Clinic?

Experts in Medical Cannabis

  • Medical Expertise

    Kalapa clinical team is comprised of physicians, healthcare practitiones and support staff who share the goal of spread the last information about medical cannabis use

  • Research

    Continous research on scientific evidence on therapeutic effects of cannabinoids

  • International Colaborations

    We are part of an international network of experts where doctors, scientists and institutions exchange knowledge about medical cannabis

Refer a Patient

We encourage our patients to obtain medical referrals. If you would like to refer your patients to Kalapa Clinic, please download our referral form.

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For All Healthcare Professionals

We want all medical professionals who wish to learn more about medical cannabis to have access to the latest scientific research in conjunction with our clinical experience. That is why we are developing an online module with access exclusively for health professionals. 

Knowledge Platform for Health Professionals

We are developing an online medical cannabis knowledge platform with exclusive access for Health Professionals around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions for Professionals

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Training and specialization

Dedicated to medical cannabis research and education

  • Studies and Researh

    We are involved in various ongoing clinical studies to further research the benefits of medical cannabis use

  • Educating Patients

    We take time to explain our patients both during and in between appointments so they are informed and feel comfortable.

  • Educating Professionals

    We produce educational material for medical professionals and host international events.

Coming soon: Access to our Alexandria system

As in other specialities, being able to count on the latest scientific research, clinical practice or pre-clinical trials, allows scientific knowledge to advance. That is why we offer the Alexandria platform from Kalapa, and make it the basis for the exchange of information on medical cannabis for health professionals around the world.