Videos about illness and Medical Cannabis

Benefits of medical cannabis therapies for different conditions

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Videos about therapeutic cannabis

The medical cannabis specialists at Kalapa Clinic talk to us in each of these videos about the benefits of cannabis therapies for different conditions.

The information and data provided in the videos are the result of medical research that exists to date from the recording of the video. As therapeutic cannabis research is becoming more and more abundant, we will provide you with verified and updated information.

Several countries around the world are working to bring therapeutic cannabis into the mainstream of health care. But there are still professionals in the field who are unaware of the potential of medical cannabis. With this video series we want to inform about the therapeutic qualities of cannabis.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

Video on Epilepsy and Medical Cannabis

Endometriosis and the use of Medicinal Cannabis

Treating Alzheimer’s with Medicinal Cannabis

What are the effects of Cannabinoids?

Fibromyalgia and the use of Medical Cannabis

Menstrual pain and the use of Cannabis

Psoriasis and the use of CBD creams

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