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Medical cannabis prescriptions increased in 2020

Cannabis as medicine is becoming more and more important – this is shown by the current data of the GAMSI report of the German statutory health insurance funds. According to the report, sales of cannabis-based medicines once again reached record levels of just under 165 million euros in 2020. In March 2020, sales of medicinal […]

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News: CBD – a new help against SARS-CoV 2?

Scientists around the world are working hard to develop vaccines and therapies against SARS-CoV 2. A team of researchers from the University of Chicago recently found in a study that CBD and its breakdown product 7-hydroxy-CBD have the potential to prevent infection with the novel coronavirus. In addition, CBD aids in the recovery of those […]

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Cannabis as medicine for chronic pain

About a quarter of people in Germany suffer from chronic pain. Non-drug and drug pain therapy may not be sufficient in some cases to achieve effective pain relief. Effective complementary measures such as medical cannabis therapy are then required. Since the knowledge on the use of cannabis for medical purposes has been improved in recent […]

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News: Endocannabinoids trigger runner’s high

Until now, the focus has been on endorphins when it comes to explaining the so-called “runner’s high”. New findings from the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf show: Endocannabinoids trigger the high during running training.  Runner’s High – what does it mean? The term “runner’s high” refers to a state of exhilaration that can be achieved during […]

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News: Success with CBD in COVID therapy

The hospital in Klagenfurt, Austria, achieved positive results with the cannabis compound CBD in covid patients. The patients who were treated with the cannabinoid were able to leave the hospital more quickly. The anti-inflammatory and immune-strengthening properties of the cannabinoid are particularly effective here. The scientists are already working on a study that should provide […]

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Sleep disorders: Efficacy of cannabinoids

Not being able to rest in the evening, brooding, wallowing, waking up in the night and not being able to get back to sleep – insomnia is a serious problem for many people. Anyone who does not sleep well at times feels tired, unfocused and less able to perform during the day. If the sleep […]

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Migraine and medical cannabis

In the world, at least 1 adult in every 7 suffer from migraines. It is a neurological disease that recurs at irregular intervals and is very stressful for those affected. While some people only have a migraine attack once or twice a year, others have it several times a month. Several studies have shown that […]

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