“Dosage forms must be chosen sensitively and individually”

Interview with pharmacist Alexander Daske (Part 2) In cannabis therapy, oral therapy and inhalative therapy via vaporizer are opposed to each other. Both dosage forms have different areas of application, and both have their justification – depending on the symptoms, patient status and therapy goal. Alexander Daske, cannabis expert and pharmacist at Collini Apotheke in […]

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Cannabinoids for chronic pain

When physical pain won’t stop: According to the German Pain League, at least 23 million people in Germany suffer from chronic pain [1]. This makes pain disorders one of the most common, widespread diseases, along with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Even more concerning is the fact that a large proportion of pain patients receive inadequate […]

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Full spectrum – therapeutic benefits

Medical cannabis contains more than 100 phytocannabinoids, the best known being the psychotropic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the non-psychotropic cannabidiol (CBD). However, the more than 500 plant constituents also include other biologically active substances, especially terpenes and flavonoids. Numerous studies and experiences of many cannabis patients show that preparations from the whole cannabis plant, so-called full-spectrum […]

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CBD in epilepsy reduces early onset forms of the disease

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurologic problems around the world. Talking about the word “epilepsy” encompasses a number of different syndromes whose main feature is a tendency to recurrent unprovoked seizures (two or more).[1] What are the current causes of epilepsy? Epilepsy occurs as a result of the following causes[2] Idiopathic (unknown origin) […]

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Cannabis médical pour animaux de compagnie - medical cannabis for pets

Medical Cannabis for pets

For any animal lovers out there, our pets are just like another member of the family. Unfortunately, conventional medication doesn’t always work, and just as we do with our human loved ones, we go that extra mile to find an alternative for our pets. Thankfully, compounds in the cannabis plant are gaining traction as a […]

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cannabinoids children enfants

Cannabinoids and Children

There are many severe diseases that can affect children, such as epilepsy, attention deficit disorder association, autism or cerebral palsy, just to mention a few ones. When a child is born with one of these kinds of illnesses it can often lead to a life time of hospital visits, not to mention the stress of […]

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médicament à base de cannabidiol-cannabidiol fármaco- cannabidiol-based medicine-farmaco a base di cannabidiolo-cannabidiol-basiertes-medikament

The DEA includes a cannabidiol-based medicine in the Controlled Substances Act

On Thursday 27th of September, Epidiolex became the first cannabidiol-based substance placed under Schedule V of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) by the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). This was the consequence of a large, controlled and successful clinical trial that led the DEA to accept the medical application of this CBD-based […]

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