eating disorders

Eating Disorders: When eating is not a pleasure

Eating is one of the great pleasures in life. At least for most people. When we eat something that we like our brain releases endorphins creating a feeling of euphoria. However, for some people eating means fear and anxiety. These are what are referred to eating disorders. An eating disorder does not have to be […]

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chemotherapy side effects

Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Cancer is one of the most common diseases of our century, and for which there is still no cure. Chemotherapy is one of the major cancer treatments but chemotherapy side effects are also harmful to health. In countries such as the Netherlands and in some states in the United States, the legalization of cannabis for therapeutic […]

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CBD and Stress

CBD and its relieving effects on stress   CBD alleviates stress through neurogenesis Neurogenesis is responsible for the formation of new neurons in the brain, which process information and guide it to the necessary targets in the body to improve the physical functions. For a long time, neurogenesis was thought to be limited to childhood, […]

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