CBD and Stress

CBD and its relieving effects on stress


CBD alleviates stress through neurogenesis

Neurogenesis is responsible for the formation of new neurons in the brain, which process information and guide it to the necessary targets in the body to improve the physical functions. For a long time, neurogenesis was thought to be limited to childhood, but new studies show that the brain continues the production of new neurons into adulthood.

Studies also suggest that CBD is a therapeutic component for mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis. The researchers also investigated the potential co-operation of hippocampal neurogenesis and CBD in the control of anxiety. The findings of this study were very promising.

Benefits of neurogenesis

The production of new neurons throughout adulthood gave an indication that it was associated with depression, which has now been proved by several studies. In addition, a number of antidepressants encourage the process of neurogenesis. It is also interesting to note that stress-free activities, such as sports activities, increase the production of neurons. In contrast, animal experiments have shown that this decreases under stress.

The medical value of CBD has been under intense scrutiny over recent times, but its increasing benefits are starting to be advocated daily. A group of researchers from Brazil and Spain worked on a neuropsychopharmacology study (https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/the-international-journal-of-neuropsychopharmacology/article/the-anxiolytic-effect-of-cannabidiol-on-chronically-stressed-mice-depends-on-hippocampal-neurogenesis-involvement-of-the-endocannabinoid-system/ED35B3AC3683F7DB7BBB49087875D998)  with the aim of investigating the relationship between neurogenesis and the effects of CBD, especially on its effects of relieving anxiety.

Course of research

First, the mice were placed into a stressful environment. Two hours later, the researchers administered the mice with 30 mg CBD and recorded their level of neurogenesis. It showed that neuronal production was increased by the CBD and counteracted the effects of chronic and unpredictable stress. The results of this study show one of the many advantages of CBD.

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