Psoriasis: Breaking barriers

dia mundial de la psoriasis

Around 125 million people in the world suffer from psoriasis and this October 29th we will celebrate World Psoriasis Day. Under the theme “Breaking the Barriers”, associations from around the world are promoting a campaign to denounce the barriers that people who are suffering from this condition have to face.

In addition to the purely physical factors, this disease can affect patients psychologically. The barriers, which they encounter daily, are present at work, in the health system and social relations. This often leads to a decline in morale.

Therefore, the message of World Psoriasis Day is loaded with strong messages:

FIGHT, against prejudice, discrimination and stigma.

CREATE awareness, understanding and hope

GAIN access to adequate diagnosis, treatment and quality of life.

What the WHO says about psoriasis?

People are starting to fight against the stigma and prejudice that comes with psoriasis, that patients have been suffering from many years. Since 2009, associations from around the world and the International Federation of Psoriasis Patients Association (IFPA) have been working to include this disease in the agenda of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Thanks to all of the hard work, we proposed the celebration of the World Psoriasis Day and the WHO in 2014 adopted a resolution on this disease, which can be viewed here. This document marks a before and after for patients as it is helping to disseminate information about the disease, ending prejudice, stigma and discrimination.

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