Kalapa Clinic at Expocáñamo – Sevilla 2016

Ponencia dr garcia palau expocañamo


From the 13th – 15th May, Expocáñamo Sevilla 2016 was repeated for the second year running held in the Andalusian capital. Kalapa Clinic were lucky enough to be there for the first time, as the first clinic in Spain specializing in cannabinoid therapies.

Kalapa Clinic were present during the three days of the Expocáñamo Sevilla 2016 fair with an informative stand and surrounded by thousands of people curious about the medicinal use of cannabinoids and by those interested in the treatments offered by our clinic.

At the Kalapa Clinic’s stand, attendees of the Expocáñamo Sevilla 2016 fair were able to see first hand the various products composed from cannabidiol such as creams, teas and oils.

Lecture at Expocáñamo by Dr. García Palau about the use of medical marijuana.

In addition to being present at the stand, Mariano García Palau, founder of Kalapa Clinic and member of the Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, participated as a speaker at the conference in which he mentioned the clinic. During his speech, García Palau also explained about some of the cannabinoid treatments offered.

Palau was accompanied by Guillermo Velasco, who has a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology and who is currently a professor at the Compultense University, where he is investigating the anti-tumor properties of cannabinoids for possible clinical application.

Ponencia dr garcia palau expocañamo | kalapa clinic

Currently Kalapa Clinic has its headquarters in the Canary Islands, where, with the help of renowned experts they are able to offer alternative treatments and advice to patients with chronic conditions and to those interested in cannabinoid therapies.

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