Cannabinoids, an alternative treatment for pathologies

Kalapa Clinic terapias alternativas cannabinoides

At Kalapa Clinic we have seen the benefits of cannabinoids, but we know that there is still potential to be discovered. Further research and effort will be required so that cannabinoids may be made available to people in need.

According to the World Health Organization, in 2016, 14% of the world’s population will suffer from chronic pain, 36% of the population will suffer from some form of cancer and 15 people out of 1000 will be diagnosed with epilepsy. Alternative therapies such as cannabinoids exist for conditions like these, as they are beginning to demonstrate their potential as analgesics and anticonvulsants.

But cannabinoids that are extracted from the Cannabis Sativa L plant, have a worldwide stigma and therefore people are still reluctant to believe in its benefits.

Kalapa Clinic presents its mission to bring cannabinoids to people who, by choice, decide to initiate an alternative therapy in a safe manner.

Our project is presented in this video, to inform you about Kalapa Clinic and to show which areas need your help.

Did you like the post? Give us some feedback! This post has been done based on existent research to the date of publication of the article. Due to the increase in studies based on medical cannabis, the information provided can vary over time and we’ll keep informing in further writings.

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