The Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis is presented in Madrid

Kalapa Clinic

Last Tuesday, in Madrid, the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis held an event of extreme relevance for the world of medical cannabis in Spain.

The presentation featured national and international experts, including ones from Kalapa Clinic. The first clinic in Spain to specialize in medical cannabis therapies was represented by doctors Mariano García Palau and Joan Parés. Raphael Mechoulam was also present, he is known in the industry for being the first person to characterize the cannabinoids of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

doctor mechoulam cannabis medicional

The objective of the meeting, in addition to presenting the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis, was also to analyse the cannabinoid situation in Spain. The conference served as a way for researchers, doctors and patients to bring forward he benefits of medical cannabis to society.

garcia palau presentacion cannabis medicinal


The Spanish Observatory of Medical Cannabis, was founded “as a platform created by experts to provide evidence-based information and to promote, coordinate and carry out activities and projects aiming at highlighting the knowledge of the properties and medical uses of cannabis and its derivatives”. The objectives of this new body are focused on reporting the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

On the other hand, the SOMC has also presented itself as a key institution to advise public and private organisations, the media and patients on current affairs regarding medical cannabis.

presentación observatorio español cannabis medicinal

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