Training for cannabinoid associations


We provide services for associations such as, counselling, and medical support and training to inform others about treatments using cannabinoids. We have a number of services that we offer on risk prevention.


Medical publications

Kalapa Clinic provides medical research on the progress of cannabinoids, including articles about various different conditions. There is an immense amount of research demonstrating the effectiveness of cannabinoids to alleviate several chronic symptoms.


Malaria and Medical Cannabis

20,11, 2020|Comments Off on Malaria and Medical Cannabis

Malaria (swamp fever) is the world's most common infectious disease caused by parasites, affecting over 200 million people worldwide. There are several malaria pathogens that are spread [...]

Sleep apnoea: Can THC support the treatment?

13,11, 2020|Comments Off on Sleep apnoea: Can THC support the treatment?

Sleep apnoea is a sleep-related breathing disorder that can have immense health consequences. Not only do those affected suffer from severe daytime fatigue due to lack of [...]

Diabetes mellitus and medical cannabis

08,10, 2020|Comments Off on Diabetes mellitus and medical cannabis

More than 422 million people worldwide suffer from "diabetes mellitus". Unfavourable nutritional and lifestyle habits in [...]

Menopause and Cannabinoids

02,10, 2020|Comments Off on Menopause and Cannabinoids

At some point over the age of 40, fertility decreases for most women. This process is completely [...]


We offer medical information and support from our staff, so that the benefits of cannabinoid treatments can be fully understood.