Training for cannabinoid associations


We provide services for associations such as, counselling, and medical support and training to inform others about treatments using cannabinoids. We have a number of services that we offer on risk prevention.


Medical publications

Kalapa Clinic provides medical research on the progress of cannabinoids, including articles about various different conditions. There is an immense amount of research demonstrating the effectiveness of cannabinoids to alleviate several chronic symptoms.

  • reduce antibiotic resistance

CBD could be used to reduce antibiotic resistance

15,01, 2020|Comments Off on CBD could be used to reduce antibiotic resistance

Bacteria are single-celled organisms. Some are naturally present inside the body and contribute to its functionality. Antibiotics are drugs which are meant to fight bacterial infections. [...]

  • cannabis médical dans le cas du diabète-cannabis medicinal en la diabetes

The effects of medical cannabis in diabetes

20,12, 2019|Comments Off on The effects of medical cannabis in diabetes

Over the last few decades a continuous increase of studies have been, and are currently, being carried out regarding the effects of cannabis in different health [...]

  • mercado del cannabis- cannabis market-marché du cannabis-Cannabismarkt

The Cannabis Market

13,12, 2019|Comments Off on The Cannabis Market

Cannabis is no longer just about therapeutics. It is a whole cannabis market with a bright [...]

  • cbd para la depresión-CBD for Depression

CBD For Depression

21,11, 2019|Comments Off on CBD For Depression

A quarter of the population in Europe will experience depression at some point in their lifetime. For [...]

  • donacion de sangre- blood donation

Medical Cannabis and Blood Donation

13,11, 2019|Comments Off on Medical Cannabis and Blood Donation

Are you a medical cannabis patient with a long standing commitment to blood donation? Perhaps you’re [...]


We offer medical information and support from our staff, so that the benefits of cannabinoid treatments can be fully understood.

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