Training for cannabinoid associations


We provide services for associations such as, counselling, and medical support and training to inform others about treatments using cannabinoids. We have a number of services that we offer on risk prevention.


Medical publications

Kalapa Clinic provides medical research on the progress of cannabinoids, including articles about various different conditions. There is an immense amount of research demonstrating the effectiveness of cannabinoids to alleviate several chronic symptoms.


Treatment for glaucoma: can medical cannabis be useful?

12,03, 2020|Comments Off on Treatment for glaucoma: can medical cannabis be useful?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are more than 1 billion people living with vision impairment such as short and far sightedness, glaucoma and cataract.  [...]

Flavonoids in medicinal cannabis

05,03, 2020|Comments Off on Flavonoids in medicinal cannabis

Flavonoids are components from any type of plant. They have been found to contain certain medicinal properties and are important to reach the “entourage effect” from medicinal [...]

How cannabinoids impact vision?

22,01, 2020|Comments Off on How cannabinoids impact vision?

Vision, such as many functions of the body, is partly regulated by the endocannabinoid system. It is [...]


We offer medical information and support from our staff, so that the benefits of cannabinoid treatments can be fully understood.