Fit and well-rested: a little sleep aid, part 3

Evening rituals for good sleep

What does us good in the evening? Rituals bring calm to everyday life and provide security. This promotes relaxation and invites tiredness. It takes several weeks for your brain to sort out a new routine and store it as a ritual. It is important to always keep the same rhythm and time. But don’t be too strict with yourself if this is not possible – this will only create new stress.

About an hour before going to bed, you should let your body know that it is time to sleep. Shut down your organism to get your body, mind and soul in the right mood for a good night’s rest. Beware: watching TV often only seems to relax you but actually makes you restless inside.

What shuts down your body at the end of the day? Tips for relaxing

What do you personally need to calm down? An evening ritual helps many people who suffer from sleep problems.

Draw a line in the sand:

  • Create a rite of passage to start your evening with a change of clothes, take a walk, drink some tea or take a relaxing bath.

Muscle-brain relaxation track:

  • Your body and mind can help each other relax. When you consciously relax your muscles, your entire organism shuts down. Autogenic training or meditation are based on this mechanism.


  • Calm, deep breathing can help relax and calm us. Practice yoga or meditate to practice your breathing technique.

Essential oils:

  • Terpenes, like those found in essential oils, have been shown to affect the body and mind. Important: Only natural essential oils have the desired effect. The following scents are relaxing and sleep-inducing: lavender, rose, gardenia, jasmine, sandalwood, cedar, and others.

Sensual relaxation:

  • Give yourself precious me-time and relax with a foot bath or a full bath. Massage your own feet and hands or those of a loved one. Massage balls are great for gently massaging your own body as well as your partner’s.

Clear your head:

  • Try to bring the day to a positive close. Take the time you need to reflect on the past hours. Organize your thoughts – a diary or journal will help with this. Instead of thinking about the next day’s tasks, write them down directly on a to-do list. Leave pending projects and possible worries to rest after that. Tomorrow is another day!

Well-tempered sleep:

  • At night, our body temperature automatically drops to prepare the organism for sleep. Our body temperature is then 1 to 1.5 °C lower than during the day. It is scientifically proven that a cool head is important for falling asleep. On the other hand, there is hardly anyone who can fall asleep with icy feet. Try a cooling compress on your forehead before going to bed and bed socks to keep your feet warm.

This was the third and last part of our little sleep help. We hope that our tips will help you to find a restful sleep. If you suffer from persistent sleep disorders, remember to get medical advice to determine whether you have a pathological sleep disorder. Our information can supplement, but not replace, a visit to the doctor’s office.


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