3 ways of consuming medical cannabis without smoking it

consumir cannabis medicinal-consommer du cannabis médicinal-medizinische Verwendung von Cannabis-consuming medical cannabis-consumare cannabis terapeutica

Although it is not the best method of consuming medical cannabis, smoking seems to be the most popular and the most accessible for the majority of people. There are however, other simple methods of consuming therapeutic cannabis.

Thanks to the most recent scientific studies, different methods of consumption are being designed in order to ensure maximum intake of the therapeutic properties of the plant. This is in order to strengthen the potential that cannabinoids and terpenes, contained in cannabis, can bring to our body. Although the use of medical cannabis is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, health experts say that smoking is no longer the most effective way to consume cannabis… Here are 3 of the most recognized ways of consuming cannabis without smoking it:

  1. Vaporizers. It is a costly solution, but it quickly pays for itself as the vaporizers are a much healthier and cleaner option. The vaporizer heats the cannabis to a temperature lower than that of combustion, until inhalable vapour is obtained. The main advantages of vaporizing is that it does not alter the active components in the plant. Moreover, while combustion extracts only 20% of the cannabis components, the vaporizer is able to extract up to 90%.
  2. Oral consumption. It is possible to consume cannabis orally, most commonly in the form of sublingual oils. After a number of studies and tests, the extraction process was improved. Nowadays, there are many different types of oils on the market, the product is officially listed as a food supplement. The hemp is generally mixed with olive oil and sun flower oil, as well as hemp seed oil. The strong concentrations of THC and CBD make the oils very effective against a number of illnesses, such as epilepsy and chronic pain. The advantages for users wishing to consume medical cannabis orally is that the CBD oils often contain a very low percentage of THC, eliminating any undesirable psychoactive effects. The terpenes and other therapeutic components are retained when mixed with food or in the forms of teas with a dash of full-fat milk.
  3. Rectal or vaginal suppositories. Suppositories are considered the most effect method for the absorption and diffusions of substances into the body. The rectal route has the advantage of increasing the effects of cannabis through the mucous membranes whilst reducing the psychoactive effects; a very interesting feature for those wishing to test the therapeutic benefits of cannabis.

With all of this news about forms of consuming cannabis, experts are condoning smoking less and less and have started to recommend other methods instead, in order to protect the users lungs and to benefit from the advantages of cannabinoids, in the forms of vaporizers and oils.

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