research medical cannabis

Issues When Researching Medical Cannabis

The only way we can know the true medical benefits of the marijuana plant and its compounds is by conducting extensive research. Like with any new drug, it is imperative that every aspect of it will be studied in order to have a complete understanding of the effects it has on different pathologies. We need […]

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Legalizacion Cannabis Canada

Canada legalises Cannabis

On the 17th of October, Canada became the second country worldwide, after Uruguay, to legalise cannabis. The legislature allows its open selling to the public but this one is regulated differently depending on the region. In some cases, its growing is allowed, but there exist cases, like Quebec and Manitoba, where growing the plant is […]

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Cannabis plant: Indica vs Sativa

Cannabis is divided in to two subspecies, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa. These subspecies can be recognised by their physical differences but over time this classification has also helped people categorize the different effects that come from ingesting the plant. For example, it is said that Indica will create a “body high” and Sativa will […]

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entourage effect

Medical cannabis: what is the entourage effect?

The majority of scientific studies about medical cannabis focus on finding out the effects of the different types of cannabinoids, especially, THC and CBD. The cannabis plant has many more components than their cannabinoids, they have a number other factors like terpenes, that also produce their own effects, or secondary effects. Limiting research to a single cannabinoid reduces […]

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douleurs menstruelles dolore mestruale Menstruationsschmerzen lindern dolor menstrual menstrual pains

Can medical cannabis relieve menstrual pains?

Menstrual pains affect 90% of women in the world, depending on the severity it can sometimes be unbearable. These types of pains can be helped by the analgesic effects of medical cannabis. Although the use of medical cannabis is generally associated with the relief of chronic pain, it is necessary to analyse the effects of […]

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opioids vs cbd

CBD vs Opioids

The most common and conventional painkillers that are prescribed worldwide are Opioids. They can act over four types of endogenous receptors in our body called mu (μ), delta (∂) y kappa (k). In general Opioids are a safe and effective way of reliving pain if used only in short periods of time. As opioids produce […]

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elecciones legalización del cannabis-legalizzazione della cannabis

The Legalisation of Cannabis in the US

On November the 8th 2016 the people of America will go to the polling stations to decide who will inhabit the White House for the next 4 years. However, in addition to choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, some states will vote for or against the legalization of cannabis. On the ballot papers of […]

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