Barcelona hosts the first Cannabmed Conference on the uses of medical cannabis

cannabis pour les malades

From the 16th to the 17th December, the first Cannabmed Conference will be held in Barcelona, it will be a meeting that focuses on people with health issues that are using cannabis to treat their illnesses.

The purpose of the conference is to give those who have decided to use medical cannabis as a therapy, a voice. With the support of assistants and experts they are trying to end the stigma associated with cannabis, and cannabinoid treatments. For the ICEERS Foundation, organizers of the Cannabmed Conference, the stigmatized situation of medical cannabis is out-dated, considering that now there are studies which exist to support its health benefits. For this reason, during the meeting they seek “to address the medical aspects of cannabis, as well as also exploring solutions that will allow us to unlock the ‘problems’ associated with patients using cannabis, who are protected by national and international laws, and who are involved in practices which have been persecuted and stigmatized.”

The Cannabmed Conference has a very complete program of papers and discussions tables. The medical professionals and users of medical cannabis will discuss the lack of regulations surrounding cannabis for a therapeutic purpose, cannabis and quality of life, public policies for medical cannabis programs, among other relevant issues surrounding the sector.

Kalapa Clinic is one of the collaborating entities of the 1st Cannabmed Conference. The doctors, Mariano Garcia de Palau and Joan Parés are experts in the medical cannabis field and currently offer consultations at Kalapa Clinic, both of which will be participating in the meeting as speakers. Another member of our team present at the Conference will be Marta Sanz, an expert in therapeutic cannabis and in supporting those who wish to start their own cannabinoid therapy.

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