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Articles and publications on medical cannabis

News about therapeutic cannabis

In this section you will find all of the articles that have been written at Kalapa Clinic with information on the latest advances in medical research regarding medical cannabis based treatments.
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Cannabinoids and Dystonia

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Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder syndrome in which involuntary repetitive muscle contractions and spasms result in abnormal fixed postures or twisting. It can affect only one muscle, a group of muscles or even the entire body. It is believed to affect 1 % of [...]

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Cannabis-based drugs in Pharmacies

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The galenic formulation is a part of pharmaceutics, necessary in order to transform any kind of plant into a customized dose and form of medication, which follows a precise manufacturing practice, in order to guarantee quality and efficacy to the patient. In Italy, on November [...]

2020, 12

Medical Cannabis to fight against winter illnesses

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When winter season is coming, many winter illnesses show up in our homes such us colds, cough and flu. Of course, there are basic techniques to avoid them: to adapt our diet to the temperatures, consume foods that contain minerals and vitamins, etc… However, all [...]

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Cannabinoids and Children

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There are many severe diseases that can affect children, such as epilepsy, attention deficit disorder association, autism or cerebral palsy, just to mention a few ones. When a child is born with one of these kinds of illnesses it can often lead to a life [...]


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