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Articles and publications on medical cannabis

News about therapeutic cannabis

In this section you will find all of the articles that have been written at Kalapa Clinic with information on the latest advances in medical research regarding medical cannabis based treatments.
1616, 09

Bipolar disorder and medical cannabis

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Bipolar disorder is a frequently occurring psychiatric illness classified as an affective disorder. It is characterized by depressive and manic mood swings. There are either manic phases with an exaggerated euphoria, in which sufferers are euphoric, overactive or irritable, or depressive phases. Both phases can [...]

1111, 09

Medical cannabis therapy for asthma

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According to the Global Asthma Report 2018, more than 339 million people worldwide suffer from bronchial asthma. About 250,000 people die of this chronic disease, although this could be avoided by adequate therapy. Studies on the therapeutic potential of cannabis as a medicine for [...]

0303, 09

Breast cancer: What Cannabinoids Can Do

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Breast cancer, also known medically as breast carcinoma, is a malignant tumour in the breast. It is by far the most common form of cancer in women. In Germany, statistically one in eight women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. It is the most [...]

2020, 08

Understanding Cannabinoids’ Psychoactive and Psychotropic Effects

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In recent years, there has been a growing medical interest in cannabis plants in order to further understand the whole composition and the effects that each substance can produce in our bodies.  So far, the most studied cannabinoids are THC and CBD, but they [...]

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