Alleviating stress with medical cannabis


Issues such as studying, working, living in a different place and economic problems can cause us stress and can further develop it into a chronic condition. So how do you relieve stress?

Many peoples first choice is to medicate themselves with over the counter or prescription drugs. They do not think about the side effects and long term effects that some medications can have on our health. Others opt for relieving stress in a more sensible and healthier way by, playing sports, reading, relaxing with friends, etc… Another less well-known, but more natural option is to use medical cannabis.

Today professionals around the world are researching neurogenesis, the process responsible for the formation of new neurons in the brain. The results indicate that neurogenesis could help to regulate stress levels. Strains of cannabis with high levels of CBD are commonly known to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, stress and other conditions.

A group of researchers in Brazil and Spain have been working on a neuropsychopharmacology study with the objective of determining the correlation between neurogenesis and CBD levels. As part of the research, they performed several tests on a group of mice. The mice were subjected to a stressful situation and, after giving them 30mg of CBD, they recorded their level of neurogenesis. Among the conclusions of the trial they found that CBD increases the neuronal production and counteracts the effects of chronic and unpredictable stress.

On the other hand, studies also suggested that CBD is a therapeutic component for mental illnesses such as: anxiety, depression and psychosis.

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